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Many people with hearing loss struggle with conversations, device volumes and everyday sounds. Perhaps you or a family member have noticed your hearing loss. The good news is most hearing loss is treatable.

If you suspect a hearing loss, take the next step with a FREE hearing consultation at Ascent Audiology & Hearing. Your free hearing consultation will include a professional hearing test as well as a discussion with one of our Hearing Specialists about what treatments are suitable for your hearing and lifestyle needs.

Why Ascent Audiology & Hearing?

We are a devoted hearing aid practice featuring high-quality, personalized hearing solutions and services. Our office has a dedicated, experienced team of Hearing Specialists that offer hearing consultations, hearing aid repairs and tinnitus counseling. We are committed to providing world-class hearing healthcare that allows our patients to hear better and live better.


"Dr. Dannemiller-Smith is very caring. She makes it easy to explain any problem I was having. I switched phones and couldn't get the app to load right, I called and she was able to see me that day! The problem wasn't the app. Motorola isn't compatible with my hearing aides. Bummer!” 
-Dianna B.

“So glad I found Dr. Kristie! Professional testing with personalized treatment. Hearing aids specifically designed for my usage. Doctor and staff all top notch. Reasonably priced and great quality hearing aids.
~Very pleased patient, Connie”

-Russ and Connie S.

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